The effect of inoculation is easily measured before pouring any castings

Wedge testing, for process control, was originally developed by Meehanite

The test indicates the tendency of the metal to chill and is directly related to ruling casting section

Meehanite foundries make particular use of the information gained from the wedge test with regard to the constitution of the metal before and after inoculation

Process advanced through the development of a range of Meehanite metal types with analytical compositions which correlate to the castings being made

Control was extended to cover all foundry process parameters and developed as an inseparable extension to Meehanite metallurgy
The Meehanite Process introduced the earliest form of foundry statistical process control in the mid 1940ís
More stringent control was exercised through the implementation of standardised Meehanite gating and feeding practices

The Process incorporates a continuous system of inspection of all process parameters recording and recognising deviations and acting upon such events in time resulting in a
practical quality assurance system In the interests of casting quality recommendations on the manufacturing equipment suited to the production of the foundry's casting range are made during the introduction of the Process

A structured program of audit (service) visits are applied to assess a foundry's quality level and reports detailing practical remedial actions are provided

A scrap control system is introduced and monitored during audit visits